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CHIEF BLENDER  Solveig Sommarström

Solveig is the limnolog that litteraly turned water to wine. Cheered on by her mentor Börje Karlsson, Vin & Sprit AB, she found herself lab manager at the mere age of 27. This was the hay days of the Swedish wine and spirit monopoly and Absolut Vodka and Vin & Sprit was the epicenter of the industry. Solveig flourished!

As Sweden joined EU, 20 years later, Solveig took the opportunity to set her own interests first hand, and went consulting agencys and producers like Fondbergs, Systembolaget, Domain Wines and Malmköpings Spritfabrik in the same time she delveloped a business of her own. She also took on teaching at Restaurangakademin, focusing on her interest for sustainable beverages.

Artisinal small scale production is something Solveig cherish, support and always recur to. Products in her own name, as well as others, often showcase her broad academic background in botanyfloristry and chemistry by playful flavorings - often from her own garden. She and Olof started the own company Viness, were they explore schnapps and flovored brännvin among other.

Her lifelong achivement have made her earn chair no. 8 in the Swedish Spritakademin, for alcohol chemistry.

Solveig is one of Swedens most knowledgeable and prominent in her field.  Her meritlist is endless and contain plenty of kudos. She has done everything from product development to quality control and buying agent. Extra kudos when notourious legend Lemmy, Motörhead, headhunted Solveig for his own vodka brand. For developing the extraordinary taste of Kattegat Farming. we only agree with Lemmy, we could not work with anyone else!

CEO  Josephine Ulfsparre

Josephine is an entrepreneur that loves new potatoes and the idea of making vodka in the old school way again. 

Building the Kattegat Farming concept, testing new potato varieties and turning them into vodka is challenging yet interesting. Moving away from the idea that vodka should not taste anything is a myth, vodka can actually teste really well.

Kattegat Farming is one of the first regenerative farms in the area and she is driven together with the family to turn the fields sustainable with no pesticides involved. Rehabilitating the soil and nuture it with healthy fertilizers is crucial to her and the farming team.

The Kattegat Farm potatoes are farmed organically and she believes they taste much better, giving back to the land and making the world's best vodka at the same time is a fulfilling task. 

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