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Kattegat Farming

About Us


We live on the eastern shores of Kattegat.

For over one hundred years this is where you farm the best new potatoes.

A few decades ago the idea was born to try to make a vodka from new potatoes.  It is a crazy idea really, to make vodka from new potatoes. So low in starch and impossible to process through a vodka distillation. Quite frankly, the first efforts were not very successful. Even our best friends and the most devoted vodka drinkers told us drop the idea.


However. Slowly and surely we learned from our initial mistakes. The idea to distill and blend a unique taste of vodka from a single variety of new potato was simply too good.


We tried many different varieties. Most of them did not work out at all, and a few we distilled and tried to sell. With very  limited success.

And so it went on for a few years. Each year we learned the particulars to harvest new potatoes destined for vodka distillation and rectification in order to retain the bouquet and taste of the actual new potato in the final product.


Kattegat Farming vintage new potato vodka is built on this heritage of not quitting, not giving up too easily. To be open and say; Try again!


We now have two selected blends from our cellar; Gammelsvensk Röd, 2006 and Solist, 2008.

From 2021 we have the Estelle. Farmed on our field and harvested in August. A distilled blend developed by our Chief Blender Solveig Sommarström.


Our  focus today is to make a truly unique and innovative vodka from our precious farmland. Each year will produce its own new blend. The story continues...


The Kattegat Farmers 


Variety specific new potato vodka with a unique indepedent taste & character for the cultivated vodka connoisseur.

A handcraft from plant to bottle!

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