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Why a ’new potato’ vodka? We say why not!

With Kattegat Farming we shoulder the Swedish heritage from the 18-century and re-define the vodka experience.

In the 70’s spuds was replaced with grain in Sweden due to a more profitable production.

As profit seldom is the path to quality we decided, after a lifetime within the world of spirits,

to find our way back to the soul of the business and the heart of our precious spuds.

There is a lot of potato vodka on the market, but a vodka derived from precious new potato and variety unique? We dare to say that we are, if not alone, among the daredevil few.

It has taken us two decades of trial and error to refine the process. It has been time- and resource consuming. But in the end of the day, we got rewarded with an independent, single variety new potato vodka with an exceptional quality and lot of expression.

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